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Welcome to my home page! I have populated it with links that relate to me, my work or my hobbies. You may find some useful. Functional with no frills.

In the menu on the left you will find links to the pages of various large larger projects where I have collected a lot of data.
This includes the Z-limited AGN Catalogue (ZAC), the South African solar power station database and details related to the Eskom grid.
I have also included a special page listing my academic papers and articles and interviews that have appeared in the media.

Lower down I present useful links, which I have grouped according to the following categories:
Astronomical observation links -
Astronomical databases -
News sites -
Ancestry research -
Mythology -
Art gallery - virtual galleries, artwork discussion, famous artists
Film - streaming sites and film analysis
Chess -


Astronomical observation links:
LCO observer portal - managing observations with the Las Cumbres Observatory robotic telescope network
LCO archive - accessing the Las Cumbres Observatory archival data
SAAO rota - Observing time allocations at the South African Astronomical Observatory
ING - finding chart generation service
MJD - Date to Modified Julian Day converter
dms - dd.xxxx --- dd:mm:ss converter

Astronomical databases:
NED (NASA Extragalactic Database) - repository with most available information for all recorded galaxies
SIMBAD CDS star database - best for stars, but also includes other objects
ADS (Astrophysics Data System) - find all astronomy papers
SDSS - Sloan Digital Sky Survey quick look page (DR 17)
APASS DR10 - DR10 (latest) stellar photometry database
NIST - Atomic spectral line database (search form)

News web sites:
South African - Daily Maverick, News24, Mail and Guardian, amaBhungane.
International - Guardian, Kyiv Independent.

Ancestry research tools:
Archion - German church records (subscription, only partly complete)
Gedbas -

Mythology pages:
Encyclopedia Mythica - Comprehensive database of mythology, folklore and religion covering many cultures and eras
Theoi - Greek mythology database
sagen.at - Folk tales, mostly from Austria (in German)
Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon - Tales of saints (in German)

Famous paintings, their stories and meaning, and their creators:

Streaming sites - MUBI, Netflix

Sites linked to chess:
chessgames.com - game database with puzzles, kibitzing and game collections
Chess Notes by Edward Winter - historical chess trivia
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