Z-limited AGN Catalogue (ZAC)

This page provides direct access to ZAC, a catalogue of active galactic nuclei (AGN) with redshift z less than 0.1

The preliminary 2020 version of the ZAC (Z-limited AGN Catalogue) is now published, and is to be periodically updated in the course of the year.

The main catalogue, provided in six Microsoft Excel files (0h-6h; 6h-9h; 9h-12h; 12h-15h; 15h-18h; 18h-24h), lists broad-line AGN only (right-click to download).

There is furthermore a supplement listing AGN that have in the past been incorrectly thought to be broad-line AGN, or that now have confirmed redshifts outside the range z = 0 to 0.1. This supplement also includes type 2 Seyferts (and objects previously misclassified as Seyfert 2s):

To interpret the catalogue, please read the catalogue descriptor here.

A special table was also compiled in 2013 featuring only the objects in the list of Markarian. You can download this by right-clicking the link below (it is an Excel spreadsheet):
A paper on this was presented at the IAU Symposium 304 (dedicated to the work of Markarian) in Yerewan, Armenia, in 2013. Please use this as your citation should you use the above Markarian object list in your work.

Some links to other sites with considerable information about specific AGN:
NASA Extragalactic Database (NED)
SIMBAD (for all astronomical objects, including galaxies)

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